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Fireworks & Perfume floral design celebrates fleeting beautiful moments through flowers.

In tune with seasonal botanicals f & p’s signature style honors spring’s blooming quince, summer’s aromatic old fashioned rose, fall’s lush dahlias and winter’s delicate narcissus.

Fireworks: An explosion of glittering light, color, line and form descend from the sky. Faces aglow mesmerized by shimmering tails that fade, crackle and hiss. A memory of the celebration and the bright bloom remains.

Perfume: Elements of the natural world distilled and carried indoors. In an embrace, a scent drifts past and with it a momentary portal to a field brimming with orange blossoms, a caravan of spices drying in the sun, and a burning smoke.

Alexandra Rose

Alexandra Rose Franco has a background in art and events and draws inspiration from some of her favorite things: Japanese paper, foggy beach-scapes, brightly painted Mexican tile, French matte silk and flickering candlelight. With a visual training in printmaking and sculpture she channels her interest in texture, form and line into the natural realm. She brings years of experience as an event planner to bare in her passion working with flowers and can easily coordinate with caterers, event staff and vendors to fit seamlessly into event logistics.



  • Custom hand tied or contained arrangements for delivery within the Bay Area.
  • Weekly installations for residences and workplaces.
  • Custom designed arrangements for events, special gatherings and weddings.


  • Custom bouquets for delivery within the Bay Area start at $60.
  • Estimates for weekly installations and event decor vary based on scope.


f & p would love to hear from you. Get in touch for inquiries for bespoke arrangements for any occasion.
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